Japan Links

General Information

Berlin-based information network: ASAHI SHIMBUN in German, Japanese events in Berlin and on TV, Japan Yellow Pages for Berlin (with link to online city map). (In German)
Information and links about Japan. (In German)
Search catalogue for things Japanese with commented and reviewed links. (In German)
Jim Breen's Japanese Page
A very good page to start with when searching the net for Things Japanese. Created by the man behind the WWWJDIC Server. Includes software as well as general information links.
Japan National Tourist Organization
Everything the tourist needs to know. The Japan Rail Pass can save you loads of money.

Free Software

The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive
T H E source for free Japanese-related software for all kinds of platforms. The impressive word processors JWP or JWPce use Jim Breen's dicionary files.
Japanese Software and Information
A small list of software and general info links by Glenn Rosenthal who wrote JWPce.

Japanese Language

The Japanese Writing Tutor
Study writing Japanese online. Includes animated GIFs of stroke order.
Japanese Online
Try the Yahoo list on this topic.
Java Kanji Flashcards 500
This Java applet will help you learn the 500 most commonly occuring Japanese Kanji.

Online Dictionary

WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server
Created by Jim Breen. (Monash University Site)
Read Japanese Text or Webpages with Popups showing translation of Kanji compounds. Nice tool! Uses EDICT.
Wadoku Jiten
Japanese-German Dictionary.


A clickable map of Japan.
Japan Maps
Regional and transportation maps by JNTO. Choose area by click or keyword.


Grand Sumo Home Page
Official Sumo Home Page with banzuke etc.
Best Sumoforum in English. All SumoNerds unite :-).


(..since that's the place where I stayed in 1998)

Kochi JP Weather
The weather in Kochi from the Kochi University.
Yosakoi Project '98
A page about the 1998 Yosakoi Festival.
Kochi City
Hey, an up-to-date City Guide of Kochi including a map in English and a nice Yosakoi page.
Kochi Guide Book, Tourism Information
Everything the tourist in Kochi needs to know.
Kochi University Homepage
The English Homepage of Kochi University.


Nihongo wo benkyoushimashou.